Why is there a need for a Foster Closet?

So many foster placements are sudden and sometimes even in the middle of the night!
They often come to the family with only the clothes on their back, sometimes they are only wearing a diaper.
Because you never know the placement your going to get, you never know what sizes/beds or baby equipment you’ll need!
DCS often gives clothing allowances to foster families, but it’s only the first time the child is placed and unfortunately not all foster families send clothing with the child when placed.

The foster closet is for foster families and kinship placements in the greater Lafayette area!

We exist to help provide clothing and basic care items for foster families to help them overcome the challenges of fostering a child.

Foster families and their kiddos are able to come shop for FREE clothing!

We wish that we could give clothes to everyone but… if you are in need and do not qualify we will do our best to get you connected to someone that can help. 

All someone has to do to receive clothing/items is to fill out this form and we will set up a time to meet up and let you shop. It’s really that easy. 

Stay up to date with the progress of our construction of our new building and all the community sponsors that have helped make this project possible. 
 You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram for items that are available and up to date information on current and future events. 
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