It is all too easy to allow our cultural context to blind us to the magnificent—if sometimes hard-to-swallow—truths of Scripture. During the next five-week we dive into some popular misunderstandings about what the Bible has to say and what Christianity is all about. It tackles some difficult and controversial topics, but always with both eyes fixed on what the Bible actually says. 

As we take a break from “The Story” during the Summer Month we will be taking a look at 4 of the worlds major religions. But can they all be right? Aren’t they all just different versions of the truth? In this series we examine the history and believes of each of these religions. What you’ll learn just might surprise you.

At Innovation, we want you to be comfortable when engaging in our service. You can expect
contemporary, live music; a challenging yet encouraging message; and a welcoming environment.

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Man Camp 2020


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Sundays at 9:15AM & 10:40AM
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