Step into the role of a Connect Group Leader and use your gifts to build relationships and foster spiritual growth. Your unique talents are essential in our collective journey of building each other up through Bible studies and shared experiences.

As a Connect Group Leader your main focus will be:

1. **Building Relationships:**
   - Create a safe space for others to share and support one another.
   - Facilitate connections through regular meetings and social events.

2. **Growing Through Bible Studies:**
   - Guide discussions and inspire personal growth through biblical teachings.
   - Make the study of scripture a dynamic and enriching experience.

3. **Utilizing Your Gifts and Talents:**
   - Contribute your unique abilities to the success of the group.
   - Whether teaching, listening, or organizing events, there's a place for you.

4. **Creating a Supportive Environment:**
   - Foster an atmosphere of trust and encouragement.
   - Be a leader in creating a caring community during both joyous and challenging times.

In Conclusion, Becoming a Connect Group Leader is a rewarding journey where you positively impact lives through relationships, Bible studies, and a supportive community. Embrace the call to leadership and embark on a fulfilling adventure of faith.

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