The Connect Groups are Coming… The Connect Groups Are Coming!

Attending a worship service every weekend is good for us spiritually, emotionally, and corporately but it shouldn’t be our only interaction with other believers on a weekly basis. To continue to grow in our faith, one hour a week certainly isn’t enough!

Cue the importance of a connect group experience. Innovation Connect Groups allow us to be noticed, known, and have the loyalty of a church family. Don’t miss out on an opportunity for authentic connection this Spring & Summer!

Here are a few Connect Groups starting in May we hope you’ll consider:

Quick Answers with Sean Mcdowell – With The Burdens – Wednesdays at 6:30PM

Sharing your faith can be one of the hardest and most intimidating things for a Christian. One of the reasons for this is because many of us have never been trained on how to effectively share your faith with another. In this series, join Dr. Sean McDowell as he walks you through this starter’s guide on how to share your faith.  Email to get more info. 


Unlock and Understand the Book of Revelation! The Book of Revelation is a vision the Apostle John received on the island of Patmos around 95 A.D. This Apocalyptic book is one of the most important messages for our future. International evangelist and prophetic teacher Perry Stone has compiled knowledge from over 65,000 hours of Bible Study and research into a detailed, yet easy to understand, DVD teaching presentation. The study includes aids such as scriptures, maps, charts, video clips, as well as photographs from Israel and around the world to enhance the learning experience. 14 total hours of teaching will answer hundreds of your questions, including many complicated and controversial ones, and present a clear understanding of future events. Email for more

Heavy – With The Holdens – Every Other Thursday at 6:30PM

This Summer we are going to tackles HEAVY topics that teens and adults frequently struggle with but the church for far too long has stayed silent about.

We’re going to have open dialog and conversation about topics like Suicide, Gender identity, Drugs, Social Media and if time allows even more.

We will do this by looking at snapshots in Scripture, and clearly discussing strategies on addressing heavy topics of our day.

In this I hope that we as Christian Parents and Teens can find assurance that God will guide us through our difficult situations, conversations, or mindsets.

He is with us always even while dealing with these Heavy Topics.

They will take place on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the Month. Email for more information.

 I Was Broke But Now Im Not – Withe Steve Dieterle

We are passionate about helping people win with their money God’s way! The best chance for people to take the necessary steps to maximize their financial resources is to study and apply this information together as a group. The I Was Broke. Now I’m Not. Group Study will help your you begin to prosper and equip you with the tools and principles to become better financial stewards. 

This group does not have a start date and is gathering interest at this time. Email for more information.

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