Innovation Apparel Order Form

Thank you SOOOOOO much for you interest in Innovation apparel. We love designing items that help you make a statement and reach the 67%. As you will notice each and every items price will end with a _4.67 and that's because we wear these to remind us that we exist #forthe67 and also all the proceeds go to the outreach budget at Innovation to help us continue to reach the 67%. Thank you for your help and support. We typically print in batches and each batch has a minimum of 24 to 36 pending the product so order a lot or get your friends to order then we can print them faster. 🙂
    Pleas click on all the items that you'd like to order.
  • Does your order require any special instructions? Let us know right here. Things like the color of the hat you want, double check the sizes, Total up your order, etc...
  • Hope Dealer Merch

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