Southside Egg Hunt

Are you ready for the FIRST EVER #SouthsideEggHunt ? 

 What is it? We have partnered with local southside businesses and on Easter Weekend there will be 3000+ eggs hidden at specific locations all up and down Veterans Memorial Pkwy all for you to find like a scavenger hunt. 

 What will I do? You will be given the first clue and that will lead you to the first egg. THEN that egg will have a candy/prize and another clue to get you to the next location and so on until you have all the eggs. 

How do I get in on this? You can Register HERE or at and after your registered there will be an egg carton for you to gather the eggs in that will be delivered to your house. Then on Friday the 2nd, Saturday the 3rd or Sunday the 4th you HUNT EM DOWN. 

What do I do with the plastic eggs afterwards? That’s where we want to QUADRUPLE YOUR CANDY. After you have gotten all your eggs just bring the carton full of empty plastic eggs and we will QUADRUPLE your candy. You can drop off the eggs on Saturday from 6PM to 8PM or on Sunday at 9AM till 4PM. If you’d like you can join us for our Easter Services at 6:30PM on Sat and 9:15AM or 10:40AM on Sunday. 

 What if I don’t want to give out my address? Just come by Innovation on March 28th during either of our morning service times (9:15AM or 10:40AM) and you can pick up a carton and the directions. 

 Got More Questions? Email

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