Southside Egg Hunt UPDATE!

Update 4.4.2021

 HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! The HUNT is STILL HAPPENING but today some of the places on the hunt are closed and so in order for you to get around you may need some extra help. Here are the clues without having to find the eggs.
Need the Clues?

It’s Sunday and so that means that you won’t be able to get to ALL of the places but never fear we will still let you enter into the drawing just find as many as you can at the businesses that are STILL OPEN. Then remember to drop off your empty eggs at Innovation to QUADRUPLE YOUR CANDY!
America lives on this.
A place where they get their fuel straight from the USA
“Jr or Sr? You can meet us here.” (Closed on Easter)
“To Fro yo and beyond”
Glowzo is our BIGGEST Monster by par.
A clean, fast and friendly Crew (Closed on Easter)
Hot or mild, tame and wild. We’ve got ‘em covered.
We have your health covered (Closed on Sunday)
Car needs a drink? Go express and get it here.
If your pet needs a makeover or just a vacation we have you covered. (Closed on Sundays)
Be Careful our Boxes can be a little Hot but don’t worry our pie of the week will always hit the spot.

 But don’t worry you can STILL quadruple your candy and get entered into the GRAND PRIZE DRAWING!

 Remember your LAST CHANCE to bring back all the plastic eggs will be TODAY from 9AM to 4PM to Innovation (2502 Mondavi Blvd Lafayette In 47909)

If you can PLEASE “Check-In” on facebook to the event while you hunt and you can help Innovation help kids ALL AROUND THE WORLD as we partner with Compassion International.
Update 4.3.2021

 Day #2 has begun and this is THE LAST DAY that all the businesses are open so head on out to the #southsideegghunt and find all those eggs.

 If you need some new music to ride along to check out a new radio station in town. The NEW WTGO 97.7 that Innovation has partnered with Harvest Chapel to bring a new station to the Lafayette area. It is a BETA stage right now and we would LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK. 

 Remember to “Check-In” on facebook to the event while you hunt and you can help Innovation help kids ALL AROUND THE WORLD as we partner with Compassion International.

TODAY is also the first day that you can trade-in the empty plastic eggs and QUADRUPLE YOUR CANDY!
That’s right just bring the empty eggs to Innovation (2502 Mondavi Blvd Lafayette In 47909) between 6PM – 8PM or Sunday between 9AM – 4PM to claim your candy AND get entered into the grand prize drawing. (If you have thought “this is such a fun and creative way to have fun” then you should see how we do church. Feel free to stick around for the services they are Saturday from 6:30PM to 8PM and Sunday at 9:15AM & 10:40AM.

Lastly if your looking for another egg hunt to get some more candy and to have some more family fun then check out this one at Sunrise Church that is also on the Southside.

 Update 4.2.2021

Day1 Has Wrapped up with businesses closing it’s hard to get all the eggs, but don’t worry they will ALL be open tomorrow.

But if you need help with the clues check social media and look up the #southsideegghunt to see others on the hunt and even get some hints and pics of the locations.

 Lastly while your hunting on any day be sure to “Check-In and make a difference” with compassion International. Find out what that’s all about here –
 Update 3.21.2021

Hey Hey Southside Egg Hunt HUNTERS!

 That’s right we got your entry form before registration got filled up and we are excited to soon start delivering your FIRST CLUE. 

 We sent out THIS EMAIL yesterday that some spam bots chewed up…

Hey Hey Parents, 

I just wanted to get you a quick email to say THANK YOU for signing up for the FIRST EVER #southsideegghunt as we are ecstatic about being able to still offer something for our little ones to do. We have over 200 entries already with just one more day to enter so if you have friends then “let em know”.

My name is Billy Holden and I have 5 kids of my own and so with all the things being cancelled over the past year we wanted to do what we could to safely provide an egg hunt for you and your little ones as well. 

We have had to tweak a couple things due to some of the businesses that wanted to participate being closed on Sunday but don’t worry the starter clues will be to the destinations that are closed on Sunday. We also have an facebook event page that we will post the clues on as the texting service that we were planning on using is not working as planned.

We hope to deliver all the egg cartons on Thursday evening that will contain the first clue and the hunt begins on Friday. WHOOO! (Please use the egg carton during the hunt as that is the “signal” to the businesses that you’re participating in the hunt.) If you DON’T need us to deliver a egg carton to you then please hit reply to this email and we will just send you the first clue through email later this week. Just note that the businesses are expecting to see a carton to help them differentiate the customers from egg hunters. 

Also parents please note that many of the businesses are adding coupons in the eggs and so you will get a little treat out of this besides just the mom/dad candy tax. lol 

Lastly you can hunt Friday, Saturday, or Sunday but please keep in mind that some of the businesses are only open on Friday and Saturday. Then once you find all the eggs you can bring them to Innovation on Saturday from 6PM to 8PM or on Sunday from 9AM to 4PM and you will be able to turn in your carton and plastic eggs (You get to keep all the contents) and we will QUADRUPLE your candy with a HOT BOX pizza cup stuffed full of treats for your loved one. 

Thanks for participating in the first ever #Southsideegghunt and make sure to snap some pics and share your fun on social media using the hashtag #southsideegghunt to be registered a second time for the GRAND PRIZE DRAWING that will be given away after the hunt is over. If you have any questions just let us know before Thursday if possible. 


Billy Holden
Lead Pastor at Innovation 

 That was the email that went out and we hope to be delivering the egg cartons on Thursday with instructions, directions and you first clue but if you have any questions please feel free to email me at
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