RISE97.7 Survey

We would LOVE to hear who's listen and what they think of the NEW WTGO so far. So if you fill out the survey we will hook you up with so 97.7 stickers to slap on everything you own and even some things you don't. lol So what are you waiting for?
  • If you want some free Stickers then we got to know where to end them to. 🙂
  • Let us know what you think and we will read your message on air! Or just call us and leave a message at 765-205=6477
  • I Hate itStill needs some workIt's AllrightIt's pretty good.It's the best thing ever!
    How satisfied are you with the new station?
  • We know that things can always get better. So what's one thing that you would do to make it better?
    We would love to connect with our listeners on Social Media but we need to know where to find you. So let us know what social platform you prefer and we will see what we can do to meet you there soon.
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