Ready for your next step?

Well it’s a few days before “Next Steps” and I wanted to make sure and invite you out as it is something that we ask everyone to go through as it gives 3 very specific and important steps for all of us to take. If you are new or have found your self stagnate in your faith then I would encourage you to stick around after the service this Sunday for lunch and Next Steps. 

In Next Steps we will cover 3 specific things. 
1. Know God – If anything we believe this is the most important part because if you don’t put regular practices in your life you will never grow in relationship with God and therefore never fulfill your unique purpose. 
2. Know Innovation – Yeah we do church together and we think you should know how we operate and so during this time you will hear all about that. 
3. Know yourself – This is where you get to discover more about yourself and you really need to know but also put into practice the gifts that God has given to you and this step helps you know what’s next for you. 
It should be about an hour and I have attached all 3 steps that we will cover so that you could read ahead or so you would have them if you wanted to follow it the day of. 
Can you help us out and let us know if you will be coming so we know how much food to have available? Please email
TOGETHER we can be the CHURCH the WORLD needs to see!

Billy Holden
Innovation Church
2502 Mondavi Blvd

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