Pizza With The Pastors!

It’s Time (SEPTEMBER 5TH after the 10:40AM Service) for Pizza with the Pastors and if you’re new then you’re invited!

 We know that it can be intimidating visiting a new church as there are SO MANY new things, questions and more that you just don’t know yet.

 So we created a space that you could be new and in the know. It’s called Pizza with the Pastors, and it’s a time to enjoy some free pizza and ask anything that you may have wondered about as well as hear the history and direction of where we are headed as a church. 

 This not only gets you a direct line to the pastoral staff of the church but you also get to know other newbies at Innovation that are in the same boat as you. 

 But we need to know if you’re interested in coming and what kind of pizza you like. So can you fill out our digital connect card real quick and in the other section just put PIZZA WITH THE PASTORS, how many will be attending from your family, and your favorite flavor of pizza

 Pastor Billy

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