Our June Check-In Partner

Hey Hey Innovation,

This June, we are excited to partner with Plant with Purpose to help plant trees and slow deforestation!

Plant With Purpose has planted over 28 million trees around the world and plays an important role in halting deforestation – one of the world’s most urgent, ongoing threats. This is why Plant With Purpose focuses on tree planting and reforestation. Trees filter water, protect and build soil, and regulate climates. To address the root causes behind deforestation, Plant With Purpose helps farmers gain sustainable agriculture knowledge. As farmers increase their income, the practice of cutting trees loses its appeal. Plant With Purpose families have cut poverty into a third of what it once was and Plant With Purpose offers spiritual renewal to 601 churches in seven countries.

Every 10 check-ins this month will help plant a tree. If you want to learn more about Plant with Purpose you can check them out at plantwithpurpose.org. The hashtag this month is #PlantATree.

Thanks for checking in this month to help slow deforestation through sustainable agriculture!

In Christ,

Pastor Billy Holden

P.S. If you haven’t heard of Reach by Causely, here’s how it works… Causely makes a donation to a great cause every time people check-in at our location. To learn more about Causely visit causely.com/our-good.

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