Let’s All Go To The Drive-In!

This is how we roll.

That’s right DRIVE-IN CHURCH. We know the building isn’t the church but it’s the people and we also know that we as people are better together. But what do you do when the Prez says that no more than 10 can be together. YOU INNOVATE… and that’s something we LOVE to do. So this Sunday at 10:40AM you can join us online like 99% of the other churches (like seriously we will still stream a service for you and if you are “at risk” then please follow the advise stay home and there will be a special online service there for you) or come on out and Innovate with us and let’s still have some FUN drive into the Innovation Parking lot where you will be able to “tune in” to a LIVE Band that you will see on the roof top infant of Innovation along with a crazy pastor that believes that this is a time to elevate our faith over our fear (but still be safe). So Come on out and LET’S DO THIS. Drive-IN Church This Sunday at 10:40AM.  2502 Mondavi Blvd Lafayette Indiana 47909

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