Kids Camp & Youth Camp Info for Summer 2021

Hey Hey Everyone,
 CAMP IS BACK and we are GOING… Well that is if you as a student or as a parent want you student to go.

I Pastor Billy was forever changed by my camp experiences as many others have been as well because it gives you that chance to get away from what everyone else is telling you to be and focus on God and his plans for you.

But that’s not all the reasons…

 Here are 5 more from Lauren Gregory

Church camp holds many sweet memories for me as a camper, and more recently being a counselor. There are some memories that cant ever be erased. You meet people that impact your life and that change it for good.
Most importantly you get closer to God and other Christians.
I have been told that church camp is the closest thing to Heaven on Earth and I believe it. Here are my top five reasons for going to church camp.

1. Other Christians
You are surrounded by some of the most caring and loving Christian folks for an entire week. Don’t tell me that smile and loving attitude wont rub off on you by time the week is up. If your not in a better place by time the week is over then your not doing it right! There is a limitless number of resources available to you all week. Seek out those individuals who will help you learn more about the Bible and what God wants for your life. Being a counselor for many few years has helped me to realize how much of an impact that you make on these young lives. Being a mentor is something that is pretty much unavoidable in this week, so take it seriously and love every minute and know that you are impacting a young life and they are watching everything you do and say. I personally had my life impacted greatly in 2006. I was baptized in the swimming pool late one night with everybody standing around singing. We call it the ring around the pool, its when everyone walks around and hugs and congratulates the new Christian.

 2. Singing
The singing is out of this world! At the church camps that I have attended we only sing accapella with one song leader. It is the most glorious sound echoing off of the walls to hear such a small group of people make such a wonderful sound worshiping God in spirit and in truth. The best memory I have is of all of the older campers and counselors meeting in the mess hall late at night after the itty bitty ones have gone off to be to sing in the dark. There is just something about singing with the lights out that just makes you smile. Just to know that you are sitting beside another person whose desire is to praise God to the best of their ability and is pouring out there heart along with you.

3. Sports
There’s nothing wrong with a little competition! During the day the entire camp is divided up into sports teams and they compete against each other for the title of sports champions that week. It also doesn’t hurt that the winning sports team gets pizza as there reward. Some of the sports that you can expect to play are volleyball, kickball, basketball, softball, ultimate Frisbee. These teams are made up of the youngest campers to the oldest of counselors, everybody loves to play. In addition to sports there are many games that we play such as relay races, wink and take a hike.

4. Independence
If children are going to camp further away from where they live they will learn to be alright on their own. I personally went to a camp in Alabama that is four hours away from my home. I loaded up with my best friend in third grade and never looked back. Of course the homesickness always sets in rapidly but it is best if parents encourage their child to stay and have fun. This time away from mom and dad also allows the child to form their own identity with Christ and to develop their own faith.

5. Life long friendships:
You will leave this week with tons of new friendships that you will not want to leave. These are going to be the people that you are going to be spending eternity with so I think its the best to get to know them pretty well! It is unbelievable to look back on the week and realize how far you have come but also to see how many new friends you leave with. It is the sweetest memory to be driving off and see your friends through the back window waving bye to you and to know that you will see them again next year good Lord willing!

I will leave you with a poem that my friend Morgan Lanza wrote about our camp experiences and I think it sums up the whole reason why going to church camp needs to be on your to do list this summer!

‘Twas the first night of church camp when all through the cabin, I could hear a few girls mumblin’ and quietly laughin’. Their favorite stuffed animals laid by their pillows with care, in hopes that morning wake up call soon would be there. The campers were nestled in their wooden bunk beds, while visions of pool time splashed in their heads. The moon on the leaves of the trees all around, gave a luster of footprints in the mud on the ground. When what to my tired eyes did appear, but a tiny little camper with sleepy-bed-hair. She climbed into my bed and then I heard a whisper, “I’ve had a bad dream, and I miss my big sister.” Being a big sister myself I did what I do, I told her stories of big fish and colorful coats too. I glanced at her face full of freckles and crinkly nose, then I remembered when I too had the first-night-of-camp woes. So I talked and I talked until she fell fast asleep, then laid her back down where she made not a peep. As I stood silently above her I uttered a prayer, one especially for my campers with sleepy-bed-hair. I prayed that they learn how to make friends and compete as a team, I prayed they would study God’s word and know what it means. As I walked towards the door and turned off the light, I thought to myself, “Happy camping to all, and to all a goodnight.”



If you would more information on the camp that we are headed to then CLICK HERE.

Kids Camp July 6th – 9th (2nd – 6th Grade) is 155 before June 8th and 175 after 
Youth Camp July 13th – 17th  (6th – 12th Grade)  210 before June 16th and 240 after

Kids Camp is for students who have finished 1st grade through finished 6th grade. Youth Camp is for students who have finished 6th grade through finished 12th grade. 

This means students who are entering 7th grade can choose a camp, or attend both.

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