Heavy Topics

Hey Everyone, 
 Over the course of the Summer being 4 churches all coming together to do fusion isn’t as ideal as we would like it to be yet and so we take the Summer off from Fusion and each do our own things like mission projects, summer camps, just take a break, etc. 

 But at Innovation this year we wanted to tackle some heavy topics with teens AND their parents. So were starting a series called HEAVY TOPICS and they will take place:

 Heavy Topic = Suicide June 3rd & June 17th at Innovation from 6:30 to 8PM

 Heavy Topic = Gender Identity = July 1st & 29th 

 Heavy Topic = Audience Choice = We will let the Audience from the first two topics pick what they would like to cover during the third month. 🙂 

 At the current time we do not have childcare secured and so we are unable to offer it as of yet but if that changes we will let you know. 

 If you have any questions please feel free to email Pastor Billy billy@innovationchurch.cc

 Here’s a quick preview of topic number 2. 

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