What is #FORTHE67?


In 2010 when Innovation Church got started we looked at the previous census and we found out that 67% of our county checked the “none” category when it came to religion. From the day forward  we knew that we needed not to be a church that was focused on the 33% that already had a faith but that we needed to seek and serve the 67% that had given up hope. 

We at Innovation believe that “The Church” should be something that is a benefit to their community and not just take care of themselves. So what we do is partner with local organizations and help in their efforts. From serving our first responders, officers, hospital staff, EMT’s, to helping at Lafayette Transitional Housing, to the Domestic Violence Shelter, to Food Finders, to Lafayette Urban Ministries, to the Red Cross, to Bridges, to Project Sweet Peas, to The Children’s Gospel Box, to Love Your Lawn, and the list continues to grow. 

So we encourage you to join us. So much so that if you log your hours, with the button below, once you get to 67 hours we will give you a FREE INNOVATION T-SHIRT. So what are you waiting for. Show us how you’re loving your neighbor in this time of need. 

Here's what just 2 weeks looks like.

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