Coming to Innovation Kids THIS NOVEMBER!

That’s right This November Innovation Kids will be going 

a couple different directions. 

As Miss Abby Butts settles into the first service (9:15AM) teaching role she will keep the fall fest going with a fall party series that includes:

Fishin’ Hole Game – Jesus called a group of fishermen to join him in being “fishers of men.” We can throw our own line out there by bringing our friends to church. Luke
5:1-11. Jesus Calls the First Disciples.

Bobbing for Apples – If you want to get that apple, you have to keep the water steady and your eye on the prize. We can do amazing things for God if we keep our eyes on Jesus. Matthew 14:22-36. Jesus Walks on the Water

Cornhole – To win at Cornhole, you have to get your bean bag in just the right position. But with Jesus, we don’t worry about position. We just want to love and serve others. Matthew 20:20-28. A Mother’s Request.

Pumpkin Ring Toss – Toss your ring just right and you’ll get it around the stem of one of the pumpkins. Jesus teaches us that doing good to others is always the right move. Matthew 12:1-14. Jesus Heals on the Sabbath

Then During the 2nd Service (10:40AM) the Miricks will be leading be in sync with the main series about Anxiety but putting it into terms that the kids can understand as they do a series called “GLOW IN THE DARK”. As they learn that Darkness may be scary, but it’s nothing that the light of Jesus can’t fix.

Memory Verse: “[Jesus] said, ‘I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.’” – John 8:12b (NIV)

Worry-Warts – When we get anxious over things we can’t control, God wants us to remember how pointless that is. We need to trust him with our worries. That’s when we’ll see his light through the fog of anxiety. Matthew 6:25-34, Jesus’ teachings about worry.

Objective: Kids will identify one worry they have and how God can help them with it.

Storms, Spiders, and Scary Movies – When we’re in the middle of a scary situation, it helps to remember that Jesus also had scary times in his life. However, since he trusted God, he wasn’t afraid! Jesus knew that God’s sunlight always returns after life’s storms.
Luke 8:22-25, Jesus calms a storm.

Objective: Kids will identify one way they can remind themselves to trust God when they’re scared.

Moving On After Messing Up – Most people are afraid of failure. But we can bounce back from problems—even problems that we created—when we remember that Jesus loves us, no matter what. His love is a bright light of courage shining into our darkest fears. John 18:15-18, 25-27; and 21:15-17; Peter denies Jesus and is restored to ministry.

Objective: Kids will identify one way they can encourage themselves and someone else after a failure.

Loneliness – Everybody wants to have a friend. It can be scary to feel like you’re all alone. Jesus wants to be a friend to everyone, and he wants us to show that love to
others too, so they won’t feel alone. Not only does Jesus not want us to be alone on earth, but he wants to be our friend forever. John 14:1-7, Jesus is preparing a place for us.

Objective: Kids will identify one friend who doesn’t know Jesus who they can tell about him this week or someone who doesn’t have a friend that they can befriend. 


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