Child Care available during the 9:15AM Service!!!

Did you know that there are NOW child care service available for the 1st Service at Innovation each and every Sunday? That’s right now you can come and enjoy the 9:15AM service knowing that your children will be taken care of while you enjoy the service? 

Why are you doing this?

1. The first service is where a lot of our serve team members can come and enjoy the service but many are hindered from attending due to their children needing to attend the service with them. But now their kids can be checked in to child care during the first service and then into their classroom during the second service. 

2. We also know that we need to limit the amount of children that are in the kids services during the 2nd service and this allows your child the opportunity to not be in a crowded room. 

But are there the same kids services for both?

1. Actually no! The first service is more of a child care time for them to play, watch videos, and generally hang out with their friends. While there will be videos that will be playing there will not be the staffing to teach lessons or run a kid specific service. Our 10:40AM service is the one that is staffed for those purposes. 

Who is running this?

Amanda Hudson – She will be running and maintaining all the childcare for the 1st service, She will be following all the same safety protocols as the 2nd service as well as all the same cleaning standards. 

So there’s the details. Wake up early and come on out and check them out for yourselves. 

See you Sunday

Pastor Billy

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