Check-in your kids right from your phone!

Hey Hey Parents, 

THIS SUNDAY we are trying something NEW. (We are Innovation after all and so you should be used to it!)

But right now your Innovation Church APP is being updated to include A Children’s Check-In selection. It might even already be on your phone. That way all you have to do to check your child in is open up the app scroll down and enter in their name, select the class and hit done and then you’re done. Really it’s THAT SIMPLE. You will then receive a text with a link to show the teacher to check them in/out. This not only provides a GERM FREE/touch less way to check in and out your kids but it also reduces on the lines that can form in the lobby waiting on the computer to be freed up. 

But with this being the first weekend of it in operation we know that there will be hiccups and glitches for us to address and so thank you in advance for your understanding. 

Why do we do Children Check In to begin with. Well here are a few reasons:

1. This keeps an attendance roll in case there were to be any sickness to break out then all parents would be able to be tracked down and notified of and shared germs. 

2. The safety of a check in and out system allows only one person to check in and out the kids and so no stranger will be able to leave with your child just because the show up to get them. 

3. As far as allergies and medical condition. When you first register your kids you are able to input their needs and that is documented on their profile and so our teachers can instantly know what special needs are in the room based on the roster of the room. 

Those are a few or the steps that we have put in place to help make your child’s classroom the best possible environment for them to learn about Jesus in their own language. 

See you Sunday!

Pastor Billy

P.S. – This will be THE FIRST weekend that we are opening up our kids departments at Innovation. Please remember that if your child has been sick in the past 72 hours then we are asking that they remain with you in the main service as a precaution.

There will be hand sanitizing stations  at the entrance of each classroom and the same industrial strength sanitizer will be sprayed on surfaces at 7AM like has been on our entire building since we have re-opened. 

We have also opened up the rooms for allowance of more social distancing but we know that they are kids and if you feel unsafe leaving them in a shared space environment then please feel free to keep them with you and enjoy the service together. 

P.P.S – I would also like to let all serve team members and other attenders of the first service that Amanda Hudson has stepped up to serve as a childcare provider for the 9:15AM Service to enable all our serve team members and 1st service attenders the opportunity to be able to sit and serve during the two services at Innovation each and every Sunday. The care offered will not be a service like the second service but she will be using the right now media tools that we use as a church and be letting them play and enjoy the “What’s in The Bible” series that walks kids through “The Story” using puppets, videos, and illustrations. 

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