Because Saved People Serve People

If we're going to continue to reach the 67% then we MUST step out of our comfort zone of being a consumer to being a contributor. Here at Innovation we are asking that EVERYONE get plugged into a ministry and serve at a minimum of once a month so that you get the pleasure to serve others as Christ has served you. So if your reading this then look below and select 3 areas that you can get plugged in and if the spot is available then the director of that ministry will contact you with an opportunity to serve. Thank you so much for your willingness to let God just move in you but move through you to see the 67% touched by Him through your service.
  • If you want to sign up for you and your spouse then please put both names in the first name section.
  • It is said that a guest that is searching for a church will determine if they are going to return in the first 3 minutes upon arriving. So let's get ready to knock their socks off with LOVE and generosity so that even if Innovation might not be their "flavor" that they will know that they are loved and accepted here.
  • We want Innovation to be the safest place to be on a Sunday morning. Not only for our Adults but especially for our children. Our Safety team does just that with someone in service, outside service and a floater that is present where needed. This team makes certain that our building is secure and that if there is a threat of any sort that the proper protocol is handled without anyone even knowing that something happened.
  • Connecting others to Christ through music is just another way that we love to put Jesus on display here at Innovation. To spend time just focused on His presence as we get ready to hear His voice through His word is something we value at Innovation. So if you have a musical gift then why not join others to help other connect to Christ through music. or Maybe you don't have the skills to play but you would still love to help
  • The Next Gen Team

    Our next generation is extremely important to us as a church because they are the future of the church and so we MUST INVEST into them and their future every chance we can get. This is also one of the most critical times that children find their identity and so we MUST be a church that invest and invites them to find their identity in Christ instead of the things of this world. We are also asking that if you utilize and of the next gen services for your own children that as a parent you serve a minimum of once a quarter in one of the opportunities in this category. The Lead Teacher positions are filled at this point in time and so they will do the heavy lifting of preparation and curriculum and you will just be needed for things like security, media, games, snacks, etc... Sign up today and start training up world changers TODAY. *This will require a background check.
  • This Team is lead by Ashley Konrad and if you just love serving families by giving them a break so that they can focus on the service all while you get your baby snuggles in then this is the place for you.
  • This Team is lead by Megan Horn and wow these kiddos are ready to learn, laugh, and play. While this is a high energy bunch you will get to see the lightbulb come on as they experience Gods love through you.
  • This Team is lead by Jordan & Krissy Mirick and they have a passion to help Kids understand God's love for them and how they can begin to put this into practice in their own lives.
  • This Team is lead by a group of fellow youth pastors and leaders from a combination of 3+ different churches and serves those in 6th - 12th grade. They meet on Sunday nights all throughout the south side of Lafayette and minister to kids through all walks of life. There are MANY areas to plug in and be a person of influence at the most crucial time in ones life.
  • There is a WHOLE CREW of people that make things happen during the week and if you would like to serve outside of Sunday then there is plenty of opportunities. Check them out Below.
  • We are working on a specific T-Shirt for each and every Ministry that they can wear to help identify themselves as an active team member while serving. If you could please select the corresponding T-Shirt Size for anyone that is signed up on this form please do so.
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