Are you here for the long haul?

So you have been around Innovation for a while, you serve, you give, you are truly a part of the body of Christ around here. Well we would like to make it official. 

We have a term for people like you that are committed to the mission of Innovation and that want to move together to reach our city and that is PARTNERSHIP. Where we agree to link arms and do this life together. Not only is it a commitment to do life together until God calls us elsewhere but it is also a requirement for any of you that would like to lead a ministry team or those that would like to help the financial council steward the finances well. Our partners are truly the ones that shape the ministry and future by coming along side Pastor Billy and work together being dedicated to the vision and each other and helping other connect to their unique purpose. 

If you would like to become a partner then there is a simple application and it is located here. –

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