A New Series is coming!

That’s right we have moved into a NEW month and that means that there is a NEW SERIES. This time it’s all about your marriage! Even if your single there is always the potential for a marriage. So DON’T miss out on the great series that also comes with a dinner on Feb 20th 2020. (Show up on Feb 7th to find out how YOU can get to that dinner for FREE!) 
 Want more details about the series? Here ya Go…

Series Overview – Join in as we explore a biblical understanding of what it means to be married in today’s world. With much of our culture having various understandings of marriage, its benefits, and its value, this series will cover God’s intention for the marriage relationship and why it’s more than an expression of love but also one of sacrifice and purpose.

Feb 7th – Taking Marriage Seriously
Marriage is a commitment between a man and a woman who are fulfilling God’s will for reproduction, partnering in stewardship over the earth, and living out a spiritual purpose that goes beyond this life. Marriage is much more than the romantic feelings of love we share with someone else—although these feelings are important. However, our feelings for our significant other can change, due to the ups and downs of life; and so the thing that keeps us together is the choice to remain committed.

Feb 14th – Marriage bring Oneness
In Matthew 19:4–6, Jesus quotes from Genesis, telling the disciples that in the beginning, God created both man and woman to be united together as one flesh. This unison is indicative of each person leaving the protection of their parents in order to be forever joined to their spouse. In marriage, there is a bond that brings two people together that changes the dynamic they have with all their other relationships.

Feb 21st – God NOT our Spouse is our Refuge
We may love our spouses and find them incredibly perfect for our lives, but they are sinners just like us; therefore, they will likely disappoint us. It is important to be able to see our spouse as someone we can trust, discuss intimate things with, and be unashamed in front of, but only God can be the refuge we need. Making our spouse an idol is an easy slip that can happen without us noticing. We can make our spouse an idol when we expect them to take on the attributes only God possesses. 

Feb 28th – The Gift of Singleness
As much as we know that partnership and marriage is a good thing to be desired, it doesn’t need to be desired above all. The Lord has a purpose for everyone in every season of life, including singleness. In 1 Corinthians 7:32–35, Paul associates the married life with a life full of necessary worries and obligations. But the unmarried person has fewer complications, and so they can more freely do the work of the Lord.

 Come excited and expecting for this to be a great series for you and your friends. 

 It’s so Good we even made a trailer.

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