A Letter from PB

Hey Hey, Pastor Billy here and I really wanted to touch base with you as I didn’t see that you have signed up to be on a serve team for the fall 2021 season. 

I know your most likely really busy and have been meaning to but just haven’t yet, or maybe you thought “since i am already serving I don’t need to fill that out (That’s wrong we are asking that EVERYONE FILL IT OUT)” or maybe there is something deeper that needs resolved. If that’s the case can we schedule a time to get together and discuss any issues. 

Many times we find that the way to build a stronger church is to actually be the parts of church together and serve along side one another, getting to know each other and building and strengthening the parts of the body together. 

I would love to help you start somewhere. Some great “starter” places that don’t take too much commitment are: The Security Team, First Impressions, Outreach planning, Maintenance team,  and then the outside of the Sunday service ones are very easy to jump on board. We are hoping to have everyone serve just once a month on the assigned team and in some places it may be once a quarter. So if you have the time now or will be able to make the time can you got to https://innovationchurch.cc/because-saved-people-serve-people/ and let us know where you would like to use your time and talent to strengthen the church. 

I believe we all have a part to play in this and when we begin to walk it out we just like the disciples that followed Jesus begin to get a clearer picture of God’s plans and purpose for their life just like we will in ours.

I can’t wait to get your form and then to eat ICE CREAM with you on SEPTEMBER 12th. 

Pastor Billy

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