Here is how we’re preparing for the weekend. 5/15.20

Greetings Innovation Family!

As you are by now certainly aware, the last few days have been an overwhelming flood of news, updates and cancellations within our state and the city due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). I believe our response to this pandemic should not be one of fear, rather of wisdom and care for those in our churches and our communities as we consider and implement procedures that our Governing Leadership has put in place.

Our Indiana State Government has implemented a ban on gatherings of 250 or more. And while at the surface this seemingly does not apply to us, the CDC has recommended that individuals avoid close contact of group sizes of 30 or more during this time, which is also a contributing factor to the many school closures, and event cancellations we have seen throughout our city in the last 24 hours.

It’s with this information we have decided to partner with our state, county and city leadership’s recommendations to only gather in only small meetings at this time.

This is how it will look: We are still planning on having our regular services at 9:15AM and 10:40Am on Sundays but with limited seating and doing our best to set up the room using the social guidelines recommended by the CDC of 6 feet of distance. This will allow us to utilize our spools as seating for a family unit and spread them out all along the room. We will also be postponing out next-gen gatherings, including fusion, and cafe offerings on Sundays in order to prevent the spreading of anything.
As always we are asking anyone with compromised immune systems to stay home and enjoy online, we also ask that if you are bummed about no childcare offerings then snuggle around the TV with a bowl of cereal and watch the live stream. If you fall into any of the “at risk” categories then PLEASE stay home and stay safe and if there is anything that you need let us know as this is a great time for the body of Christ to band together and show Jesus to our world. 

How long will this last?

Our current plan is to resume regular gatherings on March 29th. But if there are further measures that are put in place by our state and county we have an AMAZING PLAN that we are getting ready to have a GREAT TIME WITH with still being able to gather in a very unique way.
In closing, I want to ask two things:  
Will you be careful to not say or post things that could potentially put down others no matter where they land on this matter? I understand that the media can spin things in such a way that it creates panic, however, there are people who are concerned because they are more vulnerable to a virus like this. Being sensitive is a healthy practice. Being fearful and panicking is not. There is a difference and I want to encourage us as a community to care about others and not just our own thoughts. Jesus spoke of the greatest commandment being that we love God and love our neighbors as we love ourselves (Mark 12:30-31). Loving others is to be mindful, active and prayerful on their behalf – that is what I am encouraging in this context and that is why we are taking some additional measures as a community of faith. We will literally be sanitizing before and after each service in order to create a safe environment for all.And Second, I want to conclude by asking you to partner with me in prayer. Please pray for the families that have lost loved ones all around the world. Pray for those who are currently sick in our city and beyond, to be healed, and pray for the miracle of the complete eradication of this sickness that is taking lives in great measure in other places. Lastly, pray for the opportunity to comfort people who are living in fear and do not have the hope and peace we have through Christ our Lord. May they see us as a servant church, full of compassion, care and love.
You are loved and it is a privilege to serve with you! Please be on the lookout on how we can serve our city, neighbors and coworkers during this time.

Let’s be the change we want to see during this time and beyond.

Billy & Mandy Holden
Pastors |Innovation

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