Thriving Life Sermons

Divi Church ipsum teen worship hope friendship know divi, prayer tithe 10-40 window nursery you are going to make it word books. Giving sick are healed we are the kingdom only one name last forever tell the world couples divi small groups. The dead are raised couples announcements couple's small groups follow Christ, John 3:16

2020 July 29 Series

Day: July 29, 2020

Remember who you represent

July 29, 2020

It was a rainy Texas night, and we were all tired from a full day of traveling. My family and I were returning home from one of our many family road trips. I woke from a light sleep in the back seat of our Ford Fairlane station wagon as my dad, whom I refer to as “Pops,” pulled off for a pit stop.  We pulled into a […]

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