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My Church Is Kind Of A BIG DEAL

Two thousand years ago, a gathering of people in a middle-eastern city began a movement that would circle the globe and leave its mark on individuals and cultures on every continent. This movement would eventually become known as The Church.

The church is a movement. And it’s still moving.

Whether you consider yourself a church person or not, you are invited to join us in this 7-part series, as we re-discover the story of the local church movement.

Soul Detox

What’s chipping away at your soul? What’s getting in the way of you becoming the person God created you to be? Let’s explore how we can neutralize damaging influences and embrace clean living in “Soul Detox.” This four-week series covers the things that can create peaceful souls or tortured souls within us, topics like purity, sin, repentance, indecision, regret, and pain. 

Jesus on Trial

This Easter weekend we get a chance to sit in the courtroom as the devil tries to win his lawsuit against Jesus for “Making a Fool” out of him.  



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